BRAZIL: Attorney general of the United States Nullifies JBS Executives' ‘Plea Bargain Offer

By | September 16, 2017

Brazil’s Chief law officer Rodrigo Janot overturned the plea bargain offer signed by Joesley Batista and Ricardo Saud, both previous executives at meatpacker JBS, for cannot adhere to stipulations “which prohibit purposeful omission, bad faith and the responsibility of transparency in between the contracting parties.”

As a repercussion, both executives lost all of their take advantage of the plea deal. The proof gathered from them – which supports a criminal charge against Brazilian President Michel Temer – stays legitimate, and the courts can utilize them in ongoing and future criminal proceedings.

Janot stated that Batista and Saud cannot work together by leaving out the existence of audio recordings where Joesley shows understanding about criminal offenses performed by others.

Batista and Saud likewise concealed from Janot that the previous public prosecutor Marcelo Miller helped them prepare the plea-bargain deal proposal while working under the attorney general. Janot’s judgment need to be authorized by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court (STF) Justice Edson Fachin.

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