India Equates Cryptocurrencies To Ponzi Schemes In Warning

By | December 29, 2017

India’s finance ministry on Wednesday released a warning versus trading and transacting in crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin, stating they do not have any intrinsic worth and likened them to Ponzi plans.

The virtual currencies, or VCs, are not backed by any type of properties and the cost of Bitcoin and its peers is “entirely a matter of simple speculation”, the ministry stated in a statement.

“There is a increased and genuine danger of investment bubble of the type seen in ponzi plans which can result in sudden and extended crash exposing financiers, especially retail customers losing their hard-earned loan,” the ministry alerted.

The cost of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by value, rose nearly 20-fold, or over 1,900 percent, this year, from under $900 at the start of the year to a record high of practically $20,000 around December 17.

Amid repeated require caution, the cost of Bitcoin plummeted to listed below $11,000 on December 22, just days after futures trading in the cryptocurrency began in Chicago exchanges. And it is such wild swings that are raising the crash warnings.

The finance ministry said that cryptocurrencies are not currencies as they are not backed by government fiat and are illegal tender. The ministry likewise kept in mind that though the digital currencies are referred to as ‘coins’, they do not have the physical qualities.

“The Federal Government or Reserve Bank of India has not licensed any VCs as a medium of exchange,” the ministry stated in the statement.

The RBI currently cautioned financiers thirce against the dangers in cryptocurrencies. The very first caution was available in December 2013. The 2nd one was provided in February this year and the 3rd, earlier this month, as the worth of Bitcoin scaled new highs in the middle of increased financier interest and indications of approval into the mainstream monetary market.

“The Government likewise makes it clear that VCs are illegal tender and such VCs do not have any regulative consent or protection in India,” the ministry stated.

“The financiers and other individuals for that reason deal with these VCs entirely at their threat and need to finest avoid participating therein.”

Reports suggest the Bitcoin boom is mainly led by Asian nations. That said, the recent rise of the cryptocurrency triggered authorities in Asia Pacific countries from China to Australia to release warnings versus using such currencies.

China banned trading in Bitcoin and preliminary coin offerings in September.

Earlier today, the South Korean government said that it was planning to execute unique steps to curb speculation in the virtual currency market. New steps will require real-name cryptocurrency transactions and the government also plans to ban cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore advised the general public last week to act with extreme care and to comprehend the considerable threats they take on if they opt to purchase cryptocurrencies.

In Israel, the stock exchange watchdog has sought a restriction on business selling cryptocurrencies from noting on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. The Israel Securities Authority also desires a suspension of such companies currently running on the stock exchange.

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