CCR: Company May Quote For Subway Lines In Peru And Colombia

By | January 19, 2018

Brazilian infrastructure company Companhia de Concess?es Rodovi?rias (CCR) may take part in the bidding procedure for train lines in Colombia and Peru, stated Leonardo Vianna, the business’s vice-president for movement.

“The train jobs of Bogot?, Colombia, and Lima, Peru, are fascinating,” he stated. “We have to wait to see how the guidelines will be established.”

The company had the winning quote in an auction to operate 2 subway lines in S?o Paulo, Brazil, earlier today. Vianna said that the city holds “many opportunities for the private sector. We are studying to participate in the tenders of lines 8 and 9 of the train, the line 13 of city trains, which will link to the Guarulhos airport, and the line 15, likewise in the monorail,” stated Vianna.

CCR major shareholders include Camargo Correa, Soares Penido and Andrade Gutierrez, building firms which were involved in the Lava Jato corruption scandal. Camargo Correa confessed its involvement in a corruption scheme to defraud public tenders for subway lines building in seven Brazilian states.

Vianna stated that any corruption claims that may emerge about the construction of the lines 5 and 17 of the train in S?o Paulo would not shake CCR.

“Any possible grievance will not impact the consortium, just those involved in the building and construction. We’ve just come in,” he stated.

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