Wave analysis of the USD/CHF currency set for May 11, 2018 888011000 110888 Analysis of wave counting: After the cost went back to the highs reached on May 7, during the yesterday’s trading, the USD/CHF set resumed the down movement and in the afternoon took an unsuccessful attempt to get a foothold under the level of price parity. It can be presumed that by such a pullback of the price to 1.0055, the currency set made the internal wave structure of the 5th wave much more complicated, in c, in c, in B, in (2 ), in A, in (B). If this is so, then, keeping the potential for the development of quotes to 1.0065 or perhaps 1.0100, the currency set will continue to decrease, but it will go to the stage of future wave C, in(2 ), in A, in(B). Targets for purchasing: 1.0064 -76.4%by Fibonacci Targetsfor selling: 0.9896-61.8%by Fibonacci 0.9761-50.0%by Fibonacci General conclusions and trading suggestions: The currency set continues to construct an upward trend. The wave с, in с, in В, in (2), in A, in( В), most likely, has finished its construction, thus, it is advised to sell the set with the targets, which are near the estimated mark of 0.9896, which is equal to 61, 8% on Fibonacci basis. Purchasing the pair will take place in case of an effective attempt to break through the mark of 1.0064, which corresponds to 76.4 %of Fibonacci, with targets in the variety 1.0100-1.0150. The material has been supplied by InstaForex Business- www.instaforex.com

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