Technical analysis and trading suggestions for the GBPUSD currency set since May 14, 2018 888011000 110888 After the substantial down movement, the GBP/USD currency pair approached the variety level of 1.3440 (1.3440/ 1.3480), where it reach the support level and formed a downturn through a small flat 1.3480/ 1.3610. Now, we continue to move within the prescribed limitations (1.3480/ 1.3610 and regularly resolving the boundaries. It is possible to presume that the current stagnancy will still stay in the market, but the extended fluctuation only delays the procedure of the shot. For these reasons, traders must plainly keep track of the fixation beyond the borders and looking at the full picture, we could see that the “bearish” positions are overheated and the transition process of correction is not far off. In the event of repairing the rate greater than 1.3620, we are most likely to break the ice to 1.3700/ 1.3750.Key LevelsResistance – 1.3610 *; 1.3700; 1.4000 ***; 1.4240 *.Assistance for 1.3440 **; 1,3300 *; 1,3000 ***.* Routine level ** Variety level*** Mental level Attention: Predictions are not a direct action to action! * The provided market analysis is informative and does not make up a guide to the transaction.The material has been offered by InstaForex Business

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