Trading prepare for the European session of GBP/ USD set on July 13 888011000 110888 To open long positions for GBP/ USD pair, you require: Buyers need to keep the assistance level at 1.3158, and the formation of an incorrect breakout on it will be a good signal to open long positions in GBP/ USD. The primary task is to break through and consolidate above the resistance to 1.3185, from where the direct roadway to the highs of the other day opens to the area of 1.3240, where fixing earnings are advised. In the event of a drop in the pound, you can go back to the rebounds from 1.3095 and 1.3050 to purchase. To open short positions for GBP/ USD set, you need: The development of a false breakout at the resistance of 1.3185 or a breakdown and anchoring below the support of 1.3158, which will be a good signal for pound sales. This might lead to a larger sale while checking the level of 1.3129 and with the primary purpose of upgrading a new low at 1.3095, where repairing profits are suggested. If GBP/ USD rises in the very first half of the day above 1.3185, you can cost a rebound of 1.3240. Description of indicatorsMA( average moving)50 days-yellow MA(typical sliding) 1 Month-green MACD: quick EMA 12, slow EMA 26, SMA 9 Bollinger Bands 20 The product has been supplied by InstaForex

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