Fractal analysis of GOLD on July 24 888011000 110888 Analytical review of Gold. Inning accordance with Gold, the upward structure of July 19 is thought about as a large initial condition. The continued upward motion is expected after the breakdown of 1229.63 July 24 – 25. The level of 1218.15 is the key supportThe forecast for July 24:Analytical review on the scale of H1: For Gold, the essential levels on the scale of H1 are: 1250.88, 1242.62, 1239.59, 1235.48, 1229.63, 1220.96, 1218.15 and 1213.01. Here we follow the development of the upward structure of July 19. Continued upward movement is anticipated after the breakdown of 1229.63, here the very first target is 1239.59, the breakdown of which will allow us to depend on the movement to the level of 1239.59, in the corridor 1239.59-1242.62 consolidation. The prospective value for the top is the level of 1250.88, upon reaching this level we expect a pullback downwards.The range 1220.96-1218.15 is the crucial support for the rising structure, its passage by the rate will have to establish the down motion, in this case the very first targetis 1213.01. The primary trend is the formation of the initial conditions for the top of July 19. Trading recommendations: Purchase:1229.80 Take revenue: 1235.40 Purchase: 1235.60 Take revenue: 1239.50 Offer: 1218.10 Take earnings: 1213.00 Sell: Take earnings: The material has actually been provided by InstaForex Business

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