Trading plan for the US session of EUR/ USD set on July 27 888011000 110888 To open long positions for EUR/ USD set, you require: There is no demand for the major euro pair at 1.1630, which suggests the possible development of a downtrend. It is best to think about buying the set in the afternoon after returning to the resistance level of 1.1630 for the purpose of healing in the area of 1.1655. In case of a further decrease, the euro can be purchased on a rebound from 1.1603 and 1.1577. To open short positions for EUR/ USD set, you need: The GDP information from United States may lead to a more decrease of the euro. A break and combination listed below the level of 1.1630 will be an additional signal for the opening of short positions in order to lower to the location lows of 1.1603 and 1.1577, where repairing earnings are recommended. In the case of development in the afternoon, sales can once again be looked for on an incorrect breakout from 1.1655. Description of indicatorsMA( typical sliding)50 days-yellow MA(average moving) One Month-green MACD: fast EMA 12, slow EMA 26, SMA Bollinger Bands 20 The product has actually been offered by InstaForex

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