The trading prepare for the pound on October 9, 2018 888011000 110888 Although the United States had a day off yesterday, the dollar had the ability to resume its development against the pound. This is mainly due to the rebound after Friday’s growth of the pound, triggered by exceptionally weak information on the United States labor market. True, the European issues that have a negative impact on the single European currency have somewhat spoiled the life of the pound.Today, the calendar is completely empty, although BRC has released its retail sales information, which showed a 0.2 %development shift, a decrease of 0.2 %. This, naturally, is not complete retail sales information, but still there is something to consider. Today, you can pay attention to the speech of Charles Evans, as it precedes the release of data on inflation, which will be published tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Considered that inflation is anticipated to increase, a representative of the Fed will be waiting on declarations specifically on this matter. If a member of the Federal Commission on operations outdoors market focuses on this issue, then all concerns will be eliminated concerning the rate of boost in the Fed’s refinancing rate.The currency pair pound/ dollar once again felt assistance in the area of the range level of 1.3000/ 1.3050, forming a pullback. Most likely presume a go back to the framework of this level, where relative it and we will consider the main dish. The product has been provided by InstaForex Company-

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