Streamlined Wave Analysis. AUD/ USD review for the week of October 10 888011000 110888 Wave pattern on the H4 chart: An incomplete wave of this scale forms the tail end of the drop pattern on D1 timeframe. Wave pattern on the H1 chart: From September 21, a new down zigzag wave appears on the chart. A high wave level of movement indicates a transition to a larger scale. Wave pattern on the M15 chart: From October 5, the price goes up. In the hourly wave, this location will be a correction. Recommended trading technique: The low capacity of an increase in the current rate of the set makes purchases dangerous. In the location ofthe calculated resistance, it is advised totrack the turnaround signals to search for an entry into the short. Resistance zones:-0.7170/ 0.7220 Assistance areas:-0.7060/ 0.7010 -0.6850/ 0.6870 Descriptions to the figures: A simplified wave analysis utilizes a basic waveform, in the type of a 3-part zigzag(A-B-C ). Three primary timeframes are used for the analysis. The last insufficient wave for every timeframe is examined. Zones reveal the calculated locations with the greatest likelihood of a reversal. Arrows show the counting of wave according to the method utilized by the author. The strong background shows the produced structure and the dotted displays the expected wave motion. Note: The wave algorithm does not take into account the period of the tool motions in time. To carry out a trade deal, you need to confirm the signals used by your trading systems. The product has been offered by InstaForex

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