Projection for EUR/USD for January 7, 2019 888011000 110888 EUR/USD The very first week of the brand-new year continued to surprise. Friday data on US work was captivating. Outside the agricultural sector in December, 312 thousand brand-new tasks were produced, the November data was revised up by 58 thousand. Per hour rates for the month increased by 0.4%. The unemployment rate increased from 3.7% to 3.9%, but due to the boost in the share of the economically active population from 62.9% to 63.1%. Maybe such impressive signs are a kind of thankfulness from the Ministry of Labor for the exception given to it for the period of shutdown, and in the future these figures will be modified downwards, however even if they are halved, the employment situation is clearly translated as a favorable result of Trump’s reforms. However the dollar was hampered by the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. He stated that the central bank will continue to be client (in the matter of raising interest rates) and keep an eye on the economy as a whole. Investors these words understood absolutely the weakness of Powell in front of the pressure from Trump and even questioned two promotions in 2019. The political scenario in the shutdown of Mexican wall embittered. Trump has actually now announced his objective to develop a steel wall instead of a concrete one and has actually threatened to hold back the federal government forever with the imposition of a state of emergency situation. Political stress, of course, play versus the dollar. Today, and in the Asian session, the rate got rid of the resistance of the embedded line of the cost channel to the daily, which on the four-hour chart was shown in the debt consolidation above the Krusenstern line and the balance line. The instant goal is the resistance line Kruzenshtern on a day-to-day scale (1.1442 ). Conquering this line will enable the cost to grow to 1.1497. But higher development will require stronger reasons, such as the fed’s uncommonly lax minutes from the December conference, which is being released on Wednesday. In favor of the dollar can play the course of U.S. negotiations with China on trade. We are waiting on the development of the circumstance – it is dangerous to offer, it is uncertain to buy … The product has been offered by InstaForex Business

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