Overview of the forex market on January 11, 2019 888011000 110888 As expected, the content of the text of the minutes of the conference of the Board of the European Central Bank did not offer a definite answer to the concern about the timing of the increase in the refinancing rate. The workplace of Mario Draghi only as soon as again confirmed its objectives to start to consider this problem, and not earlier than completion of the fall of the existing year. We can state that this has somewhat dissatisfied investors, which is shown in the conditioning of the dollar. Although very little. The significance of the text of the protocol is so terrific that the market did not even pay attention to the data on applications for unemployment advantages in the United States, the overall number of which reduced by 45 thousand, which is quite considerable. Thus, the number of preliminary claims for welfare fell by 17 thousand and duplicated by another 28 thousand Today, data on inflation in the United States is published, and it is forecasted that it will stay unchanged. The stability of inflation eliminates even hints of the possibility of a more active tightening of the financial policy of the Federal Reserve System. Thus, if the information accompany the forecasts, it will end up being obvious to everybody that for the time being it is essential to follow the present situation, which indicates 2 increases in the refinancing rate in the present year. This, naturally, increases the beauty of the single European currency, however not by much, and the euro will trade at a mark of 1.1550. With the pound, whatever is somewhat more interesting, considering that today a variety of intriguing data is released in the UK. In particular, industrial production, which has up until now demonstrated a stable decrease of 0.8%, can a little please market individuals with an improvement in the scenario and show a decline of only 0.7%. And this is all in annual terms. It is clear that this is all just because simply Since. Well, or two explain it. Today, there are initial data on GDP for the 4th quarter, which must show that the United Kingdom maintains the present rates of financial growth, and this will not impact the market. Therefore, due to the symbolic, however enhancing the situation in the market, the pound will be able to improve its position and rise to 1.12800. For the ruble, the circumstance will develop similarly, and against the background of a moderate market reaction to inflation in the United States, it will be able to enhance its position. It is extremely modest and, most likely, not for long. Oil, which has a rather weak effect on the ruble, in such a circumstance will serve as a guide. Well, you require to depend on something. And provided its continued growth, it will likewise have a positive effect on the ruble. Consequently, it deserves awaiting a progressive decline in the dollar to 66.25 rubles. The product has actually been offered by InstaForex Business- www.instaforex.com

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