Technical analysis of GBP/USD for January 15, 2019 888011000 110888 Summary: The GBP/USD pair continues to move upwards from the level of 1.2728. The other day, the set rose from the level of 1.2728 to the leading around 1.2780. Today, the very first resistance level is seen at 1.2814 followed by 1.2888, while day-to-day support 1 is at 1.2728. According to the previous events, the GBP/USD pair is still moving in between the levels of 1.2728 and 1.2888; so we anticipate a series of 160 pips. Additionally, if the trend is able to break out through the first resistance level at 1.2814, we will see the pair climbing towards the double top(1.2888)to check it. Purchase above the level of 1.2728 with the first target at 1.2814 in order to evaluate the day-to-day resistance 1 and further to 1.2888. It must be noted that the level of 1.2888 is an excellent location to take revenue due to the fact that it will form a significant resistance today. On the other hand, in case a turnaround takes place and the GBP/USD pair breaks through the assistance level of 1.2728, a further decrease to 1.2670 may take place which will show the bearish market.The material has been provided by InstaForex

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