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4 Letter Domain name For Sale | QKFX.COM Fpr Sale


Some 4 letter domain names for sale these days are nonsensical and anything but branded or relevant to an industry that fetch many thousands of dollars despite many of them never having a web site or social media exposure.  QKFX.COM is one domain name that is an ideal name for a Forex Brokerage firm or an IB entrepreneur and or affiliate marketer with promotional skills able to put forward a master stroke of genius with SEO and back link campaigns to readily profit from a domain name already recognized as a Forex industry participation with ties to easy-markets and indtaforex, Asia’s largest Forex Brokerage firm with easy-markets a global leader are well known and trusted associated with in the same breath  as www.qkfx.com a 4 letter domain name now for sale by tender.

How to own a unique 4 Letter Domain Name

To place an offer to acquire www.qkfx.com please contact the owner at:

email to:  jonathonalexandermarketing@gmail.com


Please be aware this opportunity is open to serious players like, Forex Brokers, Introducing Brokers, Investors,Domain Bankers, Elite Domain Brokers.

This is not for junior domain dealers or individuals acting as intermediaries or people looking for a cheap brand name as this is not cheap by any stretch.

Transfer via www.escrow.com


Thank you for your interest


Jonathon Alexander Marleting