Record need for gold tape-recorded in Iran

By | November 13, 2018

According to expert estimates, favorable trends were recorded in the gold market in Iran in the 3rd quarter of this year. Need for gold coins and bars reached a record 21.1 heaps, which is the highest figure in the last 5 years.In connection with the introduction of new sanctions by the United States and the weakening of the nationwide currency, Iranian residents are actively purchasing the yellow metal. Experts believe that this will assist them keep their cost savings. Gold coins and bars are chosen since they are not subject to VAT. According to specialists, the gold market in the Middle East is experiencing better times. Compared to the third quarter of 2017, sales of precious metals increased by 144%, and compared to the 2nd quarter of this year, growth was 28%. In Turkey, the increase in need for investment gold in the type of coins and ingots is likewise taped. The population is concerned about the financial instability in the nation and the weakening of the national currency. In August 2018, the price of the yellow metal, estimated in Turkish lira, reached a record high. In this regard, many investors have taped an earnings by offering part of their bars and coins.In South Africa, according to information for September of this year, the level of gold production declined substantially. Formerly, such a sharp decline was kept in mind 3

years earlier, experts underline. According to the South African Bureau of Stats, in September 2018, 19%less rare-earth element was mined compared to the very same duration in 2017. The decline in the production of the yellow metal in the country is tape-recorded for the sixth month in a row.The product has actually been offered by InstaForex Business-

Threat cravings is growing, however soon there may be an outstanding factor to sell USD/ JPY

By | November 13, 2018

Recently, the dollar caught the palm amongst the G10 currencies from the Japanese yen, mostly due to the growth of the international danger appetite.JP Morgan specialists expect that next year, the pair USD/ JPY might increase to the level of 125, provided that the spread rates of the US and Japanese debt markets broaden by another 30 basis points.Meanwhile, an agreement projection of experts polled just recently by Bloomberg suggests a reduction of this set to 107 by the end of 2019. Credit Agricole, in turn, advise purchasing

the yen, which is currently solidly cheaper versus the dollar. They believe that the second quarter was the peak for the American economy.

In the future, its growth rate need to slow down. In addition, it is anticipated that next year, the Fed will take a time out in tightening up financial policy, while other reserve banks will actively raise rates of interest. This is likely to require speculators to eliminate the American.In the meantime, the worldwide threat cravings is growing in anticipation of a settlement of the trade conflict in between the United States and the Middle Kingdom. Settlements in between the leaders of the two countries should take place at the G-20 summit in Argentina, which will be hung on November 30-December 1. The lack of a positive outcome at the end of the meeting can work as an excellent reason to sell USD/ JPY. It is assumed that by this time the pair will reach the area of 114.5-115.5. The product has actually been provided by InstaForex Business

What will take place to the euro

By | November 13, 2018

Disorderly Brexit will become big problems not just for the UK however likewise for the eurozone. The markets lastly recognized that the connection of the euro and the pound soared to 0.8, pressing the dollar index to its maximum level in a year and a half. The Theresa May’s defeat in the federal government and parliament is ending up being more and more genuine. In addition, the deadline for the submission by Italy of a brand-new draft budget plan expires. Both factors suggest a possible degeneration in the political circumstance. In the conditions of slow development of the Euro block, the bulls on the primary pair can take flight.The weakness of the Euroblock and the need to support banks in the area will force the ECB to worsen the price quotes for the primary indications at a conference in December. In addition, it will require the regulator’s management to go back to using LTRO long-term refinancing programs, which ought to be attributed to the monetary direction. A minimum of, there are such rumors.At this time, the Fed tightens its policy. Divergence contributes to a boost in the success differential of 2-year US and German government securities to 3.5%. For traders, this will suffice. Nomura thinks that an active distinction game requires a more fall in the euro/dollar set.< img width= "450 "src=""alt="P-i4DH_X7IxpMeBQg5K18C8LkOrlPRPw52sJnGcK"/ > The bank anticipates that other European nations will not follow the bad example of Italy.At the exact same time, the bank all the best hopes that the Italian infection will not infect others, and the downturn in US economic development will keep the currency pair euro/dollar from failure. Experts expect combination in the area of 1.1/ 1.135, where the primary set has actually awaited the majority of 2015-2016. If the dispute in between the European officials and italian authorities ends up being more complex, the euro is more likely to go down. At the exact same time, the disorderly Brexit is another story. To return the euro in the structure of 1.15-1.1875, it is essential to conclude a deal between the UK and the European Union, as well as approval by the government and the Parliament of England. Otherwise, the sterling will fall in tandem with the dollar to 1.2 and traders will see clouds start to thicken over the euro. According to specialists, Rome and Brussels will always enter into dispute with each other, there is every factor for this. In this circumstance, the euro/dollar pair will decrease a minimum of to 1.118.

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Mainland Norway Growth Slows In Q3

By | November 13, 2018

Mainland Norway’s development slowed in the third quarter as there was a marked decrease in farming output due to a drought in the summertime, Stats Norway said Tuesday.

Gross domestic product, leaving out the mostly petroleum-based overseas sector, grew by 0.3 percent in the third quarter after a 0.7 percent growth in the 3 months to June.

The growth rate for the whole of Norway increased to 0.6 percent from 0.4 percent in June.

The downturn in the farming output deducted 0.2 portion points from mainland growth, the statistical workplace stated.

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UK Jobless Rate, Pay Growth Climb

By | November 13, 2018

Britain’s unemployment increased and the net pay growth was the fastest in nearly a years throughout the 3 months to September, preliminary data from the Workplace for National Data revealed on Tuesday. The UK joblessness rate rose a little in the three months to September to 4.1 percent. In the previous 2 months, the ILO jobless rate was stable at 4 percent, which was the lowest level because early 1975. Economists had anticipated the rate to remain unchanged. The rate increased for the very first time this year. Th number of jobless rose by 21,000 individuals from the previous duration to 1.38 million.

Work grew by 23,000 persons to 32.41 million. Typical incomes consisting of bonus offers increased 3 percent year-on-year in September, in line with economic experts’ expectations. In the 3 months to August, pay development was 2.8 percent. Excluding benefits, average earnings grew 3.2 percent year-on-year after a 3.1 percent increase in the three months to August. Economic experts had actually expected the rate to stay the same. The pace of growth was in incomes excluding bonus offers was the fastest given that the October to December duration of 2008. “The increase in regular pay development to a fresh post-crisis high and weak productivity development recommends that we are right to believe that rates will rise even more than is priced into markets next year if a Brexit deal is concurred,” Andrew Wishart at Capital Economics stated. “In general, with pay growth continuing to speed up while productivity growth stays weak, the Bank of England will be eager to push ahead with rate walkings if a Brexit deal is concurred in order to keep on top of domestic inflationary pressures,” the economic expert added.

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Sign analysis. Daily review for November 13, 2018 for the EUR/ USD pair

By | November 13, 2018

Pattern analysis(Fig. 1). On Tuesday, a rolling upward movement is possible with the first goal-the resistance line 1.1267(blue thick line). Fig. 1(everyday schedule). Thorough analysis:-sign analysis-up;-Fibonacci levels- neutral; – volumes

– up; – candlestick analysis – up;

– trend analysis – down;- Bollinger lines – up;

– weekly chart – down.General conclusion: On Tuesday, a rolling upward

motion is possible with the very first goal-the resistance line 1.1267(blue thick line). The material has actually been offered by InstaForex Business-

Trading Plan for 11/13/2018

By | November 13, 2018

Even though the United States banks did not work yesterday because it was considered holiday in the United States according to event of Veterans Day, the dollar was still actively enhanced. And after all in Europe, in turn, no macroeconomic data came out. This is mostly due to issues about European problems generally on Brexit and the federal government financial obligations. In the absence of any data, these factors emerged. Nevertheless, it was regrettable to state that the presence of such unsolved issues just increases the uncertainty, as financiers simply do not comprehend what will happen next and how they are going to plan their financial investments.


Nonetheless, today, there are requirements for a rebound due to information on the labor market in the UK. And although almost all signs need to stay unchanged, a serious growth of one very important sign is expected. The average wage with premiums has a development rate of which ought to speed up from 2.7% to 3.0%. This suggests that workers are more effective to work, in order to get a reward, and hence ought to have the ability to complete doing their work. As a result, the expenses per worker have actually increased; however, there is no need to work with a new worker, for it will just cause high personnel expenses. As a repercussion, companies and their financiers may require to increase their earnings a lot more. Capitalism is absolutely nothing individual considered that no information comes out in the United States, and the dollar is rather overbought.Without looking back

, the currency set Euro/ Dollar flew the variety level of 1.1300, and decreased to 1.1214. It is likely to assume that the speculators’views will decrease and a technical correction of 1.1280- 1.1300 will concern the market. As provided on the basic information background, the currency set pound/ dollar continued the downward motion, going to 1.2825. It is most likely to assume that the current pullback will continue which then leads us to the periodic level of 1.12920. The product has actually been provided by InstaForex

Burning projection 13.11.2018

By | November 13, 2018

Burning projection 13.11.2018 EUR USD: there is a down trend signal. A strong breakthrough of the weekly and month-to-month scale of 1.1300 of the EURUSD on Monday is a signal of the euro’s down trend.

Closing of the day at 1.1200 is an important confirmation.

Despite an upward rebound of the euro on Tuesday morning, a continuation down is likely.

We are ready to sell the euro from 1.1290, stop 1.1335, target 1.1180.


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Burning projection 12.11.2018

By | November 12, 2018

Burning projection 12.11.2018 EURUSD: there is a down trend signal. On Monday morning, the euro broke down the weekly level of 1.1300 – this is a strong signal for a down trend.

The most affordable trend target is 1.1050.

We keep sales from 1.1350.

Sell from 1.1300.

Alternative: Buy from 1.1500.


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Weekly evaluation of the foreign exchange market from 11/12/2018

By | November 12, 2018

Any election in the United States is most likely among the most essential occasions in the contemporary world, as it determines what American policy will be in the next couple of years. Yes, U.S. elections are held every two years. A minimum of to Congress. Senators are chosen for a term of 6 years. And so the stars corresponded, which last week entirely re-elected Congress and a third of the senators. It can be said that in terms of value it is practically like the election of the president of the United States. Before the vote itself, everybody was simply arguing that the Democrats would win these elections. A various result was not even discussed. Well, since everybody was confident in the success of the Democrats, the media propaganda and misinformation actively discussed options for the subsequent advancement of events. Almost every publication mentioned the truth that the success of the Democrats will enable them to have a much greater opposition to the policy of Donald Trump, which includes obstructing much of his efforts. And this can result in a certain paralysis of the whole system of power in matters of managerial decision-making, which has unpredictable consequences. Financiers, opening up papers every early morning, clearly believed about how to plan their investments if the US federal government is unable to make the needed choices since of kids’s disagreements and grievances of Democrats and Republicans. Journalists were not the only ones who were scared by the public, given that particularly hotheads forecasted the imminent impeachment of Donald Trump, as if all Democrats were little children, who were only attempting to precise revenge on the culprit. Such a prospect does not fit into my head at all, because in the history of the United States this has actually never occurred. Murders of presidents have actually taken place, and even someone was elected to the presidency three times, however impeachment is something brand-new. And how to act in a comparable scenario is not clear to anyone. So financiers who were driven to panic were actively eliminating dollars.


However the results of the vote put everything in its place, and although the Democrats actually, as forecasted, got a majority in Congress, and for the first time in eight years, the Republicans have reinforced their control over the Senate. Such a building lowers the threats described above, given that the impulses of the kindergarten, which can now become Congress, will be restrained by rigorous instructors from the Senate. Obviously, nobody promises an easy life, and Trump will now have to put a lot more effort in pushing his initiatives. The worst-case scenario appears to have actually been prevented. As quickly as the vote count was over, the exhausted financiers returned to the dollar. Donald Trump will need to reckon with Congress, and to carry out his efforts, he will need to make concessions, and there is absolutely nothing much better than to further reinforce sanctions versus Russia, so that the kids of the Democratic party will be at least a little happy and gloated. Nevertheless, it threatens to develop into a radical degeneration of US relations with the rest of the world, if somebody loses control of the situation. After all, the Democrats have a long list of ideological enemies that require to be handled.

Extra assistance to the dollar was provided by the results of the conference of the Federal Open Market Committee, because in essence the Fed has actually withdrawn all concerns concerning the rate of boost in the refinancing rate. Let me remind you that after inflation in the US decreased, which came as a complete surprise to all those who did not monitor stocks and their endless growth, they started to argue that the Fed will undoubtedly be forced to reassess its plans. After that, a variety of representatives of the regulator have consistently mentioned that it is not needed to draw rash conclusions from a one-time decrease in inflation and it is essential to make sure that this process is sustainable. Such indications are not observed. Such arguments do not add optimism, particularly for those who prepare their investments for years to come. So, the text of the accompanying commentary clearly states that the Federal Open Market Committee sees no reason for issue and anticipates inflation to increase in the near future. In other words, there is absolutely nothing to worry for no reason, since the Fed means to continue to raise the refinancing rate, in accordance with the formerly laid out strategies.


Frankly speaking, against the background of such large-scale occasions, couple of people were interested in any macroeconomic stats. Anything about Brexit and Italy were momentarily forgotten. Yes, and some much less meaningful information that can take on the elections and the Fed meeting, did not come out. We can note the data on UK GDP for the 3rd quarter, which just confirmed the first price quote, revealed a velocity of economic development. As retail sales in Europe, the growth rate of which has actually slowed substantially. Additionally, it is so strong that even inflation is not compensated, so it is too early to hope that the ECB will choose to begin tightening up financial policy.

The elections are currently in the past, and it seems like you can when again return to worries about Brexit and European public financial obligation. However this week there is a lot substantial information that journalists with their scandals, intrigues and investigations simply have nowhere to turn. After all, in the United States there are information on inflation, which should reveal its acceleration from 2.3% to 2.5%, and if this is validated, any doubts about the Fed’s additional actions will be noted. And not only that inflation must accelerate, so the development rate of retail sales might increase, which will give the dollar even more confidence. Well, the cherry on the cake will be commercial production, which need to likewise increase and make an excellent conclusion of a cloudless image.

But Europe will have absolutely nothing to respond to, since inflation is most likely to stay the same, and the second price quote of GDP for the third quarter will only as soon as again verify the downturn in financial development. The growth rate of commercial production must decrease from a modest 0.9% to a practically invisible 0.3%. If we add to this the concern about the deficit spending in Italy and broaden it to consider the size of public debts of the euro area nations, the photo is quite unfortunate. The economy is decreasing, the ECB is pursuing an incredibly soft monetary policy and prints cash, the euro zone countries have a persistent budget deficit, and it is not clear how they will pay off debts. Specifically if Mario Draghi goes nuts and shuts off the printing press. So, despite the obvious overbought of the dollar, it deserves awaiting the decrease of the single European currency to 1.1175.


But the pound has a somewhat better outlook, as rather excellent stats are expected. In specific, inflation needs to speed up from 2.4% to 2.5%, which will increase the likelihood of raising the Bank of England’s refinancing rate prior to the conclusion of the Brexit treatment. However, with the “divorce” process itself, things are not so smooth, as Theresa May chose to ask Europe to hold off the processing date. The reality is that the prime minister can not agree on the arrangements of the contracts with the Parliament, which is plainly focused on the political elimination and means to put all the blame on her. And, honestly, the idea of postponing the date of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union only shows the weakness of Theresa May’s positions, which foreshadows a political crisis and brand-new elections for the United Kingdom even before Brexit itself. And this makes the circumstance unpredictable. At least for investors. But the same financiers, in addition to inflation, will have another reason for happiness, because the growth rate of average wages, considering the premiums, can accelerate from 2.7% to 3.0%. This indication is extremely important for investors, as it shows the determination of employees to work more, and although they have to pay bonus offers for this, it still leads to savings on incomes, given that the bonus offer is still less than the income for another employee who would have to be worked with. It will not do without a negative in the type of retail sales, the growth rate of which ought to slow down from 3.0% to 2.8%, which is slightly more than the development of inflation. That is, the development of inflation does not cover the decrease in customer activity, and the earnings of business is lowered. The pound has all the requirements to decrease to 1.2775.


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